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So I'm giving in and doing this thing...

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I just got back from malling (mauling!) and looking at random cats. None of them were kittens, though, so Vikki didn't want them. Oh, and then we went to her parents' friends' house and laughed at their 30 pound cat. No, I'm serious, that cat is huge. We were going to get Vikki's tennis racquet restrung, with neon yellow string, but the person that does that at Sports Authority wasn't there. So we skateboarded instead. Apparently General used to do that when he was ghetto? But obviously not anymore.

I got a Luella shirt! *squee!* It's not that interesting a shirt, but it's British, and the tag is the best thing ever. We got random candy at Target too, so I have the kind of chocolate that's really good, but really hard to spell. And I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look at the bag.

The math test today seemed really, really easy. Like, creepily so. So many people thought it was hard! That definitely makes me worry that I completely missed something. And I'll be sad if I don't do well on this test, I have an 89.4, and I want an A!

I didn't check my email yesterday, and gah, now I have 26 unread messages. And they're all from colleges. I feel like I have to read them all, but...26?? ew. I think colleges secretly hate me, and are trying to kill me with 135158 emails.

In lieu of a real update..

Nothing much happened today. Lots of chocolate, though!

In Photo, I didn't have a journal cover evaluation sheet to turn in. Oops, I think I was out on the day he would have given me one. He said he would find one for me but then didn't. So hopefully I'll get one tomorrow and he won't count it as late. *obsesses* We had a gallery walk today! Everyone was like "Ohmygod, is that THE General Lee??" when they saw mine. Except they all thought he was running, not twirling. He was SO dancing about!

Yesterday's World History class was so great. We wrote alliance Valentines for World War I. I was Britain, *squeee!!* We even wrote poetry for some of them. I had absolutely no part in this, but my group wrote one to France..."We love France, It makes us want to dance, In Germany we wet our pants, Can we have an alliance?" Oh yes, AP students are so amazingly cool. And Clifton sent out "Bite me." letters. My contribution was to make fortune tellers for Russia, where all the fortunes were "You will have an alliance with Britain." I want to get that fortune!!

I failed a chem test today, this makes me sad. But Vikki and General failed more. So there. General and I went to the Model UN meeting today, he asked someone if he could join the club, and they were like "Wait, you're not a member already??" If you show up to enough meetings, people will start to think you belong! I'm considering staying at a hotel instead of commuting everyday, Katherine said it would be alright to bring someone from another delegation to that room. So, Heidi, want to stay at a hotel? Random people asked me to because they need to find two more roommates.


While General wishes he could be more curvaceous, I'll just fill out this survey...

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Report card day- I think I'm forever doomed to get Bs in math. Oh well, that's not going to affect my future career. But I'm still depressed, I want all As!

I did feel somewhat better walking through the hallways and hearing people go "Yess!! I got a D in English!" or "Whoa. I got one A!!" I seem oh so smart now, XD.

Orchestra practise was interesting. The oboes started cracking up, and couldn't stop, so Vladimir told them to think of something sad- in this case, the scene where Bambi's mother dies. So then we all like, had a moment of silence for Bambi's mother. Oh yes.

Oh, and I'm missing first and last periods tomorrow for doctors appointments. Someone get my work?

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wow, I feel like I haven't updated in a really long time, but it's actually only been since Monday. Maybe I just got into the habit of posting more frequently?

I finished The Eyre Affair and now I'm working on Lost in a Good Book. These books are so good! And Book Club finally agreed to try it for February, yay! Oh, and apparently we need more members- there can't be only three literate people in the entire school! So Towson kids should come to Book Club on the 28th.

We did a random project in Tech today! Jerry and I had started to think that we would never do anything other than measuring exercises and bookwork, but today was tower-building day. Ours turned out looking like a tipi, but it held the golf ball at 14.25 inches. At one point, Mr. Brown was like "Somebody grab my balls!" Dirty humour in the tech room, oh yes.

Livejournal really is procrastination. I should be doing my English research project or my outline, and no matter how much I might enjoy doing them, it's just so hard to start. But once I do, I won't be distracted as easily.

I'm not sure how much I want to read this article for English. My research project is on Phantom, and it has "phallus" in the title, and random pictures of people with "excessive phallic protuberances" on their foreheads. kind of creepy, actually. And I think this is the one where it talks about how Christine is Erik's Mother and Erik is Christine's Father. They argue that pretty well, but then they go into sexual desire, and it's like wow, incest. *coughSophoclescough*

I didn't even know what phallus meant, until Mr. Alford was looking at my article in class, and people started cracking up when he read the title out loud. Now I feel so sheltered.

I love Tarot

You Are The Hanging Man

You represent the seeking of enlightenment and spiritual clarity.
You tend to confuse others, but your oddities seem deeply satisfying.
Self sacrifice is easy for you, especially if it makes you a better person in the end.
You are the type of person who is very in touch with your soul and inner spirit.

Your fortune:

Right now is a good time for reflection and meditation.
You should stop resisting the problems in your life, and let yourself be vulnerable to them.
You may need to sacrifice something important to you to move ahead in your life.
Accept your destiny with courage, and learn to let go of what you think you need.

Interesting, and probably true..
I just watched the Princess Diaries. It was fun, I hadn't seen it in forever. xD

And I stole this random survey from Heidi. Fill it out in a comment!
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just got back from a Model UN meeting, we picked committees today! Senior preference, of course, but after that we picked numbers out of a hat. Not that it did anything for me, I got number 24. except that there are so not 24 people in Model UN! So I was really number 7 or something, out of the non-seniors.

We got new countries too, Poland, Peru, and Zimbabwe. Yay, Poland! Jerry wanted to be the President of Pakistan for the Triumverate, because Moira told him he would get to act insane and all sorts of cool stuff. But Pan Pu or some other high-ranked Model UN member got to it first, XD. I get to be on the HIstorical Security Council of 1991!! because 1991 is so historical. But we're talking about the collapse of the USSR and the Fractionation of Yugoslavia!

I thought I would get to be Poland in this committee, it makes sense! but no, Poland isn't represented here. So I'm Zimbabwe. What does that have to do with the breakup of the USSR?? heh, at least Zimbabwe was owned by Britain at one point, when it was either Northern or Southern Rhodesia, I don't remember which. They're not in the Commonwealth anymore, though, which makes me sad.

We get our World History grades tomorrow, I don't even want to think about it. She says I'm doing fine, but she also says that a B is fine. (it's not) Ah, I'm nervous.
Amy says today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, it's psychologically proven and all that. But I'm really happy right now! (This may have something to do with the entire bag of Skittles I just consumed) I was online in Spanish to do research for a random project, and I saw this. *squeee* I actually bounced in my chair, and Mrs. Richmond came over to see if I was really getting so excited about my Spanish project. Oops.

I got to watch Bleak House last night, it was so good!! I was a little confused at first, but wow, it was nice! And I taped it, so I can watch it later. I'm going to tape all of the following ones too, and the stuff on 15 February. From 8-10:30, it's all Britishness!!

Second semester started today, I went to Tech and D Lunch. Tech was interesting, you have to pass tests in order to work with their equipment. And Mr. Brown made up this random scenario where my Mother is an alcoholic, and Vikki teased me about it so I pushed her into a saw and her finger got cut off. This was all so he could tell us the correct safety procedures for when accidental amputation occurs. You take off your apron and wrap it around your bleeding finger, pick up the part that you cut off, and run to the nurse. If you don't do this, and just stand there screaming and spraying blood everywhere, he will trip you so you don't hit other people with your blood spray and give them AIDs. Traumatic amputation!

D Lunch was so empty! C Lunch is just really full, I guess.

Key Club meeting today- I considered running for editor or something, but it's a lot of work, and I haven't done much for Key Club in the past two years. General's still running for president, so vote for him? Hehe.

I need a new layout, but I have orchestra today so I should probably get my homework done. My agenda says "PROCRASTINATION" at the top of this week...message much? I should be like "I thought it was telling me to procrastinate more!"